Sarees Represent Indian Culture

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Published: 02nd September 2010
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When a painter is asked to draw a portrait of Indian women, he draws a lady wrapped in a saree. Saree is representation of Indian culture. Saree is instilled in the culture of India or it can be said saree has become identity of Indian women.

Whenever one thinks of elegant Indian women she is automatically imagined in sari only. Elegance in women is synonymous with saree. Saree lends great grace and sophistication to a woman's silhouette. It has no other substitute and can never come also. Though there are other Indian attires like lehenga choli, bridal salwar kameez etc which are equally famous as saree but not by replacing saree.

Saree is a versatile piece of clothing which shows versatility in various aspects. Either it is about wearing them to different occasions or about availability in different colors or fabrics or styles or designs or patterns. This outfit excels in every field. Thatís why sari is considered an important part of womenís wardrobe. Wardrobe is incomplete without it.

Women can go wearing saree to any place. It is an appropriate attire to be worn to a party, to workplace, for an evening outing, dating, wedding, to religious ceremony etc. This is the reason it has made a special place for it in women's apparel. Moreover saree suits all age women. They change entire persona of women towards good. They make old women look young and young girls look beautifully mature. But for looking elegant in sari it is must to team it with the right blouse and petticoat. If everything is in right proportion saree can make you look glamorous and influential at the same time.

No doubt saris make women look distinctively gorgeous. No other outfit can beat the charm and grace of sarees. Sarees also come in designer form, which are completely creation of couturierís mind. There is no end to imagination. They could be of any fabric, prints, designs etc

Saree is famous attire not only in India it is used all over world. It is worn in its each and every region but in different styles. In north, south, east, west everywhere it is worn in different fashion. But the most common style of wearing saree is the Nivi drape style, where the saree pleats are made just below the naval and pallu is draped over left shoulder from front. This style truly adds a seductive charm to the whole outfit. Saree has large ensemble. Amongst such a great variety of sarees the most common types are the ones decked with embroidery and chikan work. In fabrics chiffon and georgette sarees are most famous ones and also expensive too. Silk saris are mostly worn by brides due to their beguiling charm. Chanderi, Bandhini, Jamdani, Tant and dyed sarees are also vastly popular. Thus you see there is a huge variety of sarees. Many are not even mentioned here.

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